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DAM Best Practices | Basics
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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management or DAM constitutes a business strategy for maximizing the value from existing and reusable media components, thus reducing acquisition and production-related costs, speeding time-to-market of content and marketing communications, increasing the inventory of high-quality media products and marketing communications of global supply chains.

Advanced practitioners frame DAM-as-a-strategy in the larger context of digital supply chains for artwork, marketing communications, packaging, and published works (books, broadcast entertainment, magazines, newspapers, online information, videos, etc.)

Initially, organizations deploy DAM as a image portal for a creative services or marketing group, or as an enterprise media-services platform, delivering significant productivity dividends: reduced costs, faster cycle times, greater visibility of work in process, and greater business-process agility.

However, unlocking the value of DAM-as-a-strategy requires more than a technology delivered as a project. Breakeven and subsequent return-on-investment multiples require that organizations transform their DAM projects into DAM operations: systems, processes, accountabilities, and three-year operational business plans that justify additional investments with prospective returns from greater operational productivity and investments.