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DAM Best Practices | DAM Academy
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DAM Academy


The figure above depicts the maturation of general industry knowledge from tactic knowledge from trial-and-error experiences to best practices of procedural know-how and academic curricula of networked knowledge. The DAM Best Practices Academy provides the fastest, most effective way of mastering Digital Asset Management, following a progressive curriculum of coursework and user practicum.

If you are a content or marketing professional, participation in the DAM Academy offers you the following:

  • Clear next-action steps to take in managing a digital asset management systems, leading to greater performance and visibility
  • Relief from the confusion when dealing a complex system, reducing the number and intensity of daily surprises, demands, and expectations of management
  • Confidence in your expanding set of skills and network of insight-sharing practitioners, building a bridge to the global community of practitioners and potential employers or partners
  • Optimism about your future career prospects in the burgeoning international field of digital asset management, experiencing the thrill of becoming esteemed member of global network of masterclass practitioners

Resource for DAM Professionals

Are you or plan to become a…

  • VP or Director, DAM in charge of content strategy and governance, digital asset infrastructure and operations, or migrating a legacy DAM to a next-generation platform?
  • Manager, DAM Services in charge of daily operations and process improvement?
  • Administrator, DAM Applications in charge of technical support of systems and databases?
  • DAM Specialist in charge of content processing, metatagging, and quality assurance?
  • Clearance and Rights Officer in charge of acquisitions, asset-use policies, and permissions?
  • Content Workflow Analyst in charge of business process modeling, service innovation, and user requirements and configurations?
  • Master Librarian and Taxonomist in charge of development and maintenance of faceted classifications, search optimization, and content analysis?

If so, welcome to the Academy!