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DAM Best Practices
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Survey Findings: DAM Best Practices 2010

Are you an entry- or mid-level manager in advertising, digital content, marketing, or publishing?

Are you an administrator, “cybrarian”, technology manager, or user of digital asset management (DAM) systems?

Are you in charge of building or managing a DAM services group?

Are you curious about the current best practices of digital asset management?

Would you be thrilled to know which next practices of DAM that you might cultivate?

You have come to the right place!

Survey Findings: DAM Best Practices 2010


Masters of Digital Assets

Masters of Digital Assets or MoDA constitutes a worldwide social network of executives in charge of building and operating digital asset management systems.
Initially started as a LinkedIn Group–now more than 3,900 members strong –Masters
of Digital Assets
facilitates the exchange of insights, professional introductions, and best practices across a broad scope of
DAM-related topics. MoDA supports individuals and organizations in transforming DAM projects into successful, ongoing DAM operations. MoDA members include enterprise DAM executives and specialists, masterclass consultants, and technologists. Join today! It’s free.

Best Practices Survey

Masters of Digital Assets or MoDA This annual survey represents the collaborative efforts of the following groups:
GISTICS, an innovation think-tank that assists end-use enterprises in executing DAM strategies.

Masters of Digital Assets, the worldwide social-networking community.

Journal of Digital Asset Management, the
only journal that addresses DAM and related topics.

Fielding Institute, the oldest and largest accredited online university and students of their Masters in Media Psychology and Social Change.

Henry Stewart DAM Conferences, the first and largest industry conference dedicated to DAM. Complete survey today and get a free report! MORE

DAM Academy

The Academy of Digital Asset Management provides the fastest, most effective way of mastering DAM, using blended and task-based learning methods, peer-tutoring, interactive workspaces, and “sand box” user accounts of actual DAM Systems. Using an integrated learning roadmap, marketing, publishing, or rich-media content professionals get:

Clear next-action steps leading to greater performance and visibility.

Relief from knowing how to reduce daily surprises and unreasonable demands.

Confidence that comes with building bridges to the community of practitioners and potential employers or partners.

Optimism about your future career prospects in the burgeoning international field of digital asset management. Courses starting soon!


GISTICS constitutes an innovation think-tank that speeds the development of operational capabilities of DAM and customer engagement—how firms create and transform content into customer experience and how firm attract, serve, and keep profitable customers for life.
Often, this entails perfecting existing processes and systems of clients, adding catalytic elements of insight, humor, and performance-support systems that maximize benefits and return on investment. New clients of GISTICS typically begin with one or more of the following projects or programs

•  Building operational business plans for enterprise DAM service operations
•  Benchmarking business case performance and return on investment of DAM system
•  Migrating legacy DAM and media management systems to next generation platforms
•  Recruiting full-time and contract DAM professionals
•  Delivering DAM-user training to marketing and publishing professionals